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How We Teach

For our ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) learners, LVEC provides:

- An up-to-date computer lab equipped with language learning software.  The lab is located in the LVEC offices at the Otis Library, in Norwich.

- Conversation groups led by professionally trained volunteer tutors. Unlike one-on-one tutoring, conversation groups encourage learners of various backgrounds to build language skills with their fellow students through conversation and exploration of the English language. Groups are informal, interactive, and focused on the practical needs of the learners - what the learners must know to thrive in the United States. 

For our Basic Literacy learners, LVEC provides:

- One-on-One Tutoring with specially trained volunteer tutors. These tutors go through several training sessions to learn the most effective ways to teach adult learners how to read and write in English.

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